In a large number of countries on five continents we can find companies specialized in offering the Church a professional service, both in terms of their needs for the provision and decoration of its Temples, as for those Liturgical Objects necessary for the Celebration.

Among these companies, I am proud, as the owner, to introduce you to Santarrufina SL, which, since 1887, has been developing its vocation of Service, producing and selecting the excellence in the objects that it offers, whether in goldsmithing, imagery, ornaments and in general all that is required, such as stained glass, liturgical organs and a long etc.

I would not like to ignore this presentation, to inform you about our specialization in the restoration of movable property of the Church, whether in painting, sculpture, goldsmithing, embroidery and textiles, stained glass ...

Also, I would like to tell you about our experience and possibilities to, following their plans and specifications, make unique, special pieces, as well as design and execute these, being us, in this case, who developed the project, as was the case of the Chalice that we designed and executed for the Holy Father, Benedict XVI, which was the one that was celebrated during the Eucharist of the WYD in Madrid in August 2011.

Finally, tell them that we will be happy to project and execute the integral design of your Chapel, Oratory or Temple. I invite you to enter our Santarrufina Facebook page, where you can see some examples of our work.

Let us advise you on your needs. Our long experience will be your maximum guarantee of being fully satisfied.

Rafael Molina Salazar