All our Wood paste images can be ordered in any of these finishes:


acabados pasta madera, 2 clase, santarrufina

acabados pasta madera, 2 clase, santarrufina

acabados pasta madera, 1 clase, santarrufina

This 3rd Class is the most economical. In it, the polychromy is made in plain colors and, as  decorative element, at the edges of the mantles, presents golden threaded. The stands are completed in a single color and varnished.

This class is characterized by clothes with   darker backgrounds and lighter reliefs , in order to mark the volume. It presents golden floral, linear or geometrical design edging, depending on the case. The stands are decorated in imitation marble and varnished.

This 1st Class presents more meticulous finishing than the previous case (2nd Class), performing a careful touch on their gilding and greater neatness in ingrowns. Edgings are burnished gold and decorated with chiseled.



acabados pasta madera, clase antigua, santarrufina

acabados pasta madera, imitación madera, santarrufina

acabados pasta madera, clase extra, santarrufina

In this case, several   patina provide the image a look of old piece , adorning it with oil paint and gilded decorations.

In this finish, figures are skin natural color and carefully patina. Clothes are finished in different wood tones.

In this case, garments are finished with beautiful designs stew type, made with drawings chisel, imitating tissues and rich embroidery. Stands  are golden and polished, decorated with carved designs.