Saint Benedict Key made in sterling silver


Saint Benedict Key is a piece made in sterling silver. It dimensions are 4,5 cm. high and 2 cm. wide.

  • This St. Benedict Key is a piece made in sterling silver.
  • On one sides is the image of St. Benedict, with the cross in the right hand and a book in the left hand; To its right is the cup from where the viper flee (memory of the poisoned wine of which it was miraculously saved). Underneath it carries in latin the words that mean «That at the hour of our death, protect your presence». On the other side is a cross with the initials in latin of several phrases.
  • Dimensions of this St. Benedict cross are 4,5 cm. high and 2 cm. wide.
  • Maximum quality product, handmade in Madrid-Spain.
  • We restore any antique or damaged metalware piece in our workshops.

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