Scale Paten in goldplated brass with engraved


Scale Paten made in 24 karat goldplated brass with engraving of the Cross surrounding by floral motifs. The diameter of this paten is 14,5 cm.


  • Both inside and outside of this scale Paten are high-gloss 24 karat gold plated.
  • The paten is used to give comunion to the faithful and to deposit the Holy Form/Host consecrated by the priest on the altar after the consecration.
  • Cleaning: Due to its gold finish, with a high temperature vitrified varnish, it will not rust, keeping its beauty. Do not use any cleaning product (especially metal ones), clean only with cotton cloth or duster.
  • Maximum quality product, handmade in Madrid-Spain.
  • We restore any antique or damaged pieces in our workshops.

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