Neapolitan Navity set


Our exclusive "Presepi Napoletani" are made with the same techniques used in Settecento, during the Viceroyalty of Carlos III.

  • Antiquarian quality Nativity set, made using XVIII century techniques and qualities.
  • This Nativity set is composed by Virgin Mary, Saint Joseph and Baby Jesus, plus one lamb.
  • The figures of the Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph have a height of 22 cm.
  • Hands and legs of the different figures are made in wood. Faces are terracota made. All with a high quality tempera polychromy. On its dresses are used antique fabrics, as silks, velvets, damasks..., with metal gimps and gold and silk cords. Accessories are made in sterling silver.
  • The Neapolitan Nativity Sets typical internal construction, made in wire covered by bast, gives them the characteristic movement and flexibility of these pieces, and allows to change their position and expression.
  • We can offer you a wide variety of figures to complete your Neapolitan Nativity Set. Please, ask us if you are interested in them.
  • Santarrufina takes care of the restoration of any kind of images, carvings and sculptures in its proper workshops with absolute warranty.

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