Nativity Set Child in manger and small bridge


Nativity Set | Bethlehem, scenography with Portal/grotto.


  • Terracotta/clay handmade Bethlehem made by the Nativity master Jose Luis Mayo.
  • Both animals and the environment and characters are depicted with great realism and detail.
  • This Nativity set/Bethlehem is composed by the Mistery, with Child in manger, the ox and the mule, the three Wise Men, two shepherds on the way to the Portal and one goat.
  • The Bethlehem  is carved into a mountain and, beside it, a creek and a small bridge.
  • 19 cm. Nativity set oil painted with stick. Top quality.
  • Total number of figures is 11.
  • Dimensions: 102 cm. wide - 73 cm. high - 61 cm. deep.
  • Bethlehem cleaning with duster.
  • We restore any antique or damage pieces in our workshop with absolute warranty.

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