Our Lady of Sorrows for dressing wood carving


Our Lady of Sorrows image with candle holder.

  • It is a beautiful wood carving of Our Lady of Sorrows, realistic and full of expressiveness, to be dressed.
  • This is a figure of Our Lady of Sorrows with candle holder, carved in head, hands and feet.
  • Bust and forearms of this sculpture are carved by hand directly as a single piece.
  • High quality handcrafted manufacturing, with warranty of perfect finish.
  • This sculpture does not include Tunic, Mantle, crown... Please, visit our sections “Banners, Mantles and Making” and "Head Rays, Crowns, Daggers" if you want to see how to dress this image, or contact us.
  • Prime quality polychromy in head and hands which transmits our Mother's pain.

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