Crown without Imperial brass or sterling silver with stones


Crown without Imperial for Madonna`s image.


  • Crown without Imperial made in sterling silver or brass, both 24 karat gold plated.
  • This Crown presents halo topped with a cross and it is, also, adorned with decorative stones.
  • Both internal and external diameter of this metalware piece vary as the Madonna’s image we want to crown.
  • Available in the following measures (if you do not find yours, please ask us for price):
    • Crown diameter 7 cm. and halo’s 36.
    • Crown diameter 8 cm. and halo’s 36.
    • Crown diameter 9 cm. and halo’s 39.
    • Crown diameter 10 cm. and halo’s 45.
    • Crown diameter 11 cm. and halo’s 45.
    • Crown diameter 12 cm. and halo’s 45.
    • Crown diameter 13 cm. and halo’s 59.
    • Crown diameter 14 cm. and halo’s 59.
  • Cleaning: Due to its finish with a high temperature vitrified varnish it will not rust, keeping its beauty. Don't use any cleaning product (especially metal ones), only clean with cotton cloth or duster.
  • Maximum quality product made in Madrid-Spain.
  • Santarrufina takes care of the restoration of this kind of metalware pieces in their own workshops with absolute warranty.

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