Christ natural coloured cedar wood carving


Crucified Christ image.


  • It is a beautiful natural colored cedar wood carving, completely gouge sculpted.
  • Crucified Christ of high quality handcrafted manufacturing, with warranty of perfect finish.
  • As it is a handcrafted product, image can have differences.
  • It is a Crucified Christ, with polychromy in cloth and hair, and great realism.
  • Shroud not included in the price.
  • Available in 7" 7/8, 15" 3/4, 19" 11/16, 23" 5/8, 31" 1/2, 39" 3/8 and 47" 1/4 inches.
  • Image cleaning with duster. Use a cloth soaked in warm water to remove stains. 
  • We restore any antique or damage pieces in our workshop with absolute warranty.

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