Nazarene Jesus with cross wood pulp


Hand made Nazarene with cross image, appropiate both for home and churches or chapels or, even, for processions. As it can be made in different finishes, if you want to know more about them, consult Information about finishes (shown picture correspondes to 2nd Class).


  • It is a Nazarene image made in wood pulp.
  • Oil hand painted with golden decoration on mantle and dress.
  • Glass eyes.
  • Craft product made in Spain.
  • Nazarene image includes wooden cross and Head Rays in brass.
  • Image cleaning with duster; use a cloth soaked in warm water to remove stains.
  • This sculpture is available in 5,91, 11,81, 15,75, 19,69, 31,5, 39,37, 47,24, 55,12 and 70,87 inches.
  • Different finishes cualities (shown picture correspondes to 2nd Class): 2nd, Antique, 1st and Extra Class. Click on Information about finishes bottom to know more about possibilities.
  • Santarrufina takes care of the restoration of this kind of images, carvings and sculptures in its proper workshops with absolute warranty.

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